Solo exhibition I wouldn´t Worry  If I where You were part of Gothenburg International Art Biennial Extended and is a touch and dive in to installation about consumption and it´s processes. You meet 1000 kilo of handpicked and collected plastic garbage when enter a room stuffed with the left overs from objects that went through all the phases of possession.

It is a love story!





Intimacy grows gradually and early in the relationship one is unable to predict the emotions, motivations, and cognitions of the other; this lack of interpersonal knowledge creates a level of uncertainty. However, as the individuals gets to know each other more they form an increasing number of paired action sequences and this affects the level of emotion in the relationship.The amount of emotional attachment grows gradually and eventually reaches a peak. It is this level of passion, the combination of both positive and the negative that drives the individuals toward one another. The positive force develops and fades quickly – a surge of initial arousal levels off or habituates with the passage of time. A negative reflection toward the other individual sets in at a later time. The result from these opposing processes is an overall level of motivation/passion.The corresponding component of passion is yearning.

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